Sunday, 31 January 2016

Today's Small Beauties


Up until the early hours following threads and finding much inspiration, excitement, and the rejuvenation of previously quietly slumbering hopes.

Discovering that Christian Animism is a, so interesting, challenging, inspiring, thought-provoking, and generally happy-making. It moves me that so many of us, on so many diverse paths, are beginning to come to similar conclusions about the connections between all beings. I look forward to the learning and the good company. We are becoming the river beneath the river and that is beautiful. 

Letting myself sleep, and sleep, and sleep.

Clearing much clutter from my overloaded head by leaving lots of online groups, even some that I liked. I am determined to make a better commitment to myself this year. It was interesting to step back from myself and watch which groups I stayed in and which I left. There were signs of a definite shift in attachment to various threads of my spiritual path, for example, and also much letting go of old patterns and being a nosy parker generally. It feels good and much clearer already.

The opening of the beautiful Hedgetemple Facebook group. I feel very shiny about that and it was wonderful to have so much support and brightness from the people there. My 'giant positivity engine' is switched firmly on!

Having a hot bath and experiencing an epiphany about the way that I manage my time. You know when you 'know' something in your head but then it moves into your body so that you really 'KNOW' it? That.

Finding myself able to sit and listen to challenging words and understand that they came from a place of deep love.

Having lots of lovely Imbolc tarot readings to do, plus a Lammas one for someone in Australia (love the energetic weaving of that!), and a few that I have still to catch up with. Feeling blessed by my work.

Hearing that my friend and her family have been to visit St Blaise Well after I visited the other day. I love that completely!

The tenderness of tears.

A bird singing clearly and beautifully into the dark.

And that it is now Imbolc; a favourite time of year for me, so blessed with brightness and fierce grace. I wish many blessings to us all as we listen quietly to what is stirring in the belly of the year.

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