Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Today's Small Beauties

Today's small beauties:

Blue sky, sunshine, and the cold of winter ~ at last!

Enjoying a new way of working in the Old Ladies' Card Shop; we only have one person in each day now and I like the feeling of beginning and ending earlier and of being the one to weave the magic of the day.

Some lovely chats with card shop customers and several edifying conversations with toddlers. They are always my favourites.

Investigating weddingy matters and feeling excited and jittery. Lovely!

When the sun came out and lit up the lichen on the grey trees on the Green.

Having a two tiny Twitter conversations with Nick Helm! Be still my heart!

My friend Jo writing something beautiful about moss which reminded me of a beauty from yesterday; delicately beautiful cushions of moss on an old and crumbling red brick wall, their tiny stems bejewelled with diamond-bright raindrops.

Honey-coloured light on the trees and buildings as the sun went down.

The vibrant red of cranberry and raspberry tea in a pure white tea cup.

Lovely emails from far-away friend Cindy who had read my recent blog post inspired by her.

Himself's amusing fern-based joke, which made me laugh muchly, and then being delighted to discover that he was quoting 'Finding Nemo'. He has done one about sponges now! I love botanically based humour. Hoorah! How happy he makes me.

A darkening deep violet sky.

Continued basking in Christmas cookery programmes on BBC iPlayer. I am still feeling festive!

And a peaceful evening of tarot reading at home. I am grateful to return to that connection and look forward to deepening it as the year weaves on.

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