Sunday, 24 January 2016

Today's Small Beauties

A long, lovely, and much needed, sleep.

Waking with sunshine shining through the window and spending some time talking with She~Who~Is. My favourite way to start the day and I don't always allow myself the time, or I try and fall back to sleep. Today, I basked in the connection.

Spending the first part of the morning listening to Sami yoik and thinking about where I might like to go and sing my own songs to the land.

A hot bath with eucalyptus and rosemary salt; bliss and more sweet connection through silence and solitude.

Opening my eyes and seeing a flash of green as a parakeet flew past the window in a vibrant blur.

Spending part of the day planning out the week to come in my daybook; I am considering that to be an act of optimism and I did notice when I got up that I had a not-felt-for-many-moons sense that I might get things done at last. This is what love does; somehow I have become more real, like the Velveteen Rabbit.

Thinking deeply and pleasingly about hedgerows.

Managing to finish my tax return, and that, when it gave me the incredibly long submission reference, part of it spelled 'fen'. I so love fens and I am taking that as a good sign and a blessing on my work ~ and it made me smile.

The 'Kin Fables' trilogy; a dream of landscape and crow feathers.

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