Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Today's Small Beauties

A lovely long waking up in a warm and cosy bed.

The sound of the wind outside.

A mysterious envelope received in the post that had a little packet of bees' wax in it. Lovely.

Two squirrels chasing wildly along the top of a garden fence.

Walking to school along the 'street of cats'. I have never seen a road with more cats in it, which naturally I find marvellous.

Sweet messages written to 'Amy, the Small Beauties Bee' at school today. Often, the children will tell me nothing but they will tell our bee and then they don't mind if I read what they've written later. Definite bee magic.

Amy, the Small Beauties Bee

Having a play with a proper drum kit. There are so few opportunities in life to make any noise so I took this one gladly. Bang!

Home to find a lovely thank you note for Yule presents from a dear friend and her daughter. It gave me a warm feeling through and through. Proper.

Letting myself rest rather than do, even though there is much to be done.

A deep conversation about friendship and change and how Himself says the loveliest of things and always catches me off my guard in the best of ways.

Immersing myself in beautiful writings on Imbolc and Candlemas.

Discovering that there is a sacred spring/holy well not too far away dedicated to St Blaise, patron saint of wool carders, and making plans to visit.

Good conversation with, and help offered by, a fine boating fellow whose acquaintance I have just made. Almost every day I am reminded of the kindness and good heartedness of people.

The sound of the rain outside. My ears have been blessed today.


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