Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Today's Small Beauties

Cosy Old Ladies' Card Shop time; lovely customers, a journalist who is writing an article about Merriel coming in to take photos, gazing out at the beautiful winter's day, daffodils dancing on the Green, and much time for contemplation.

Being told the tale of when Merriel was threatened by a man with a knife in the shop and saw him off by throwing soft toys at him. And THAT is South London feistiness!

A woman in the shop, whose birthday it was, singing "happy birthday to your mummy!!!" to her baby, who was singing back in baby language.

The sweet small of Narcissus drifting through the shop from some flowers that were left on the door for Merriel's funeral last week. There were some beautiful white and red roses for her too.

Lichen on the trees made bright by the sun.

The shock of bright red poppies growing on the roadside ~ so tiny and delicate but such a punch from the colour on a winter's day of pale light.

A man in the bank's lovely coat; like a big, soft corduroy dressing gown. I could imagine Oscar Wilde wearing it.

The promise of a winter wedding. A HUGE and exciting small beauty!

Hot water on cold, cold skin.

And my fake fur bed cover; beyond joyously cosy and something to sink into gratefully on long, cold nights.

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