Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Today's Small Beauties

The first sign of crocuses flowering on the Green; tiny petals of white and purple appearing like little dancers.

Speaking to a university student about an oral history project she is doing on women who love Goddess ~ any excuse to talk about my great and neverending love for She~Who~Is.

Three acrobatic green parakeets hanging from the bird feeders at school, watched by two affronted woodpigeons.

Fabulousness in the hospice charity shop, which I hardly ever visit; a lovely fabric rucksack, a shiny raincoat, and a wheely suitcase. I feel well set up for adventuring now. What a haul!

Vulnerable, truthful, and brave sharings on my piece of writing about my encounter with the bumblebee Queen, which stirred up deeper thoughts in me about the meaning of our meetings with other beings on the painful edges of life.

Himself's deep wisdom calling me back to myself time and time again. I am blessed to share my life with a man whose every breath and heartbeat is dedicated to the Mother of All. 

Waking to a lovely message, which once more affirmed the power and beauty of the threads of connection that we weave, and which contained a generous, exciting, and much appreciated, offer. People are lovely!

A man bravely telling me in the Old Ladies' Card Shop that he finds it hard to buy cards at Christmas because he is a Pagan, to which I replied, "And you can't get cards for Imbolc at all!", which he had not been expecting and almost made him fall over in the loveliest of ways. Ha!

A sweet man coming into the shop and choosing birthday presents for his partner with the greatest care and tenderness, and a little sprinkling of glittery hope that she will be pleased. Completely lovely and I told him so.

The loveliest smile from a little girl.

A woman coming into the shop with a piece of research she has done on its history. It was built in 1885, has always been a 'posh stationers', and has only ever been owned by three families in all that time!

A lovely late Yule gift of a rosebud and wild barley printed Victorian teacup, filled with the palest of white candle wax, and side plates. They date from 1890 so are not only beautiful but I think about all the souls that have touched them and the lives that they lived. 

A man in the newsagents talking in impassioned tones about his pitbulls, how much he loves them, how gentle they are, and how people so often don't look after them well. His eyes were positively shining with love. I said, "Pitbulls are lovely, like Staffies" and he almost floated off the floor.

That my little newsagents is now selling takeaway coffee, which is yummy and gives me an excuse to go in and support them. Community shininess.

The first signs of lustrous bluebell leaves in the garden.

My tarot readings being recommended by another tarot reader; kind and affirming.

Understanding why I needed to go through the feelings I did with the bumblebee Queen, as I got two messages today that could have sent me into a tailspin but I was already so deeply in the energy of acceptance and letting go that I was able to just go with the flow of it. Thank you to the Queen. It is beautiful how Life lays out the invitation of a gentle path before us if we have the eyes to see it.

Himself shining quietly about getting things done at home which have been nagging at him for ages. I am proud of him.

Learning how beautiful earwigs are when they fly, and yet they hardly ever do; who knew!? And they are wonderful and attentive mothers. Newly-born earwig love has been achieved.

And gentle tales of chalk streams and winter-born rivers.

Today has been all about the beauty of people (and earwigs). It has been lovely.


  1. And you have made my life extra lovely today too, and helped me in ways I can not speak about, and I thank you with all my heart.

  2. I am so glad Sarah and thank you so much for the affirmation. Love to you for your day x


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