Monday, 1 February 2016

Today's Small Beauties

Pied Wagtail: Wiki Commons

Feeling lovely waking up and remembering that it was Imbolc; a beloved day.

Spending some time practising 'nature mindfulness' with a small person; two wonderful pied wagtails were her favourite things that we saw. They are such delicately delightful and happymaking birds. I have it in mind to weave a gentle and anxiety-reducing meditation from this small connection with them today.

A pale winter sun casting a sea of stunning light across the afternoon.

The beginnings of a truly beautiful display of spring flowers on the Green. They have been a bit out of sync this year but today they were really starting to look lovely. Most years they seem to come out all at once overnight and I nearly fall over with the shock of their sudden beauty as I'm running for the bus!

Having a hot chocolate as a treat. Yum!

Spending most of the day looking at, or thinking about, snowdrops.

Snowdrops, 8th January 2016

Much sharing of snowdrop poems. I love the inspiration that they bring with their brave journey through the winter ground. And I love that they are mostly little anarchic garden escapees. Who ever said that being small makes you powerless; just ask a snowdrop, or a robin!

Winter robin, 8th January 2016

An extraordinary conversation with Himself. There are many days when I am in awe of his wisdom, which seems to just bubble up in him like water from a sacred spring. And he will dig and dig like the badger shaman that he is until he finds the answer to bring healing and peace. He is real and I am blessed. That is all.

The cool deliciousness of coconut water.

Listening to Imbolc songs all day and then moving on to to Hildegard of Bingen. Sweet and tender power and beauty for my ears and heart.

Learning deep, and I hope lasting, lessons about how my energy ebbs and flows and how I need to best look after myself.

And that it is Candlemas tomorrow; I love the beauty and sweetness of these days that so celebrate light and drink them in with every cell of my being.

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