Toadstool Tea Tarot Readings

Tarot readings rooted in the pre-Celtic landscape of soil and soul...

A tarot, or oracle, reading can help us make sense of our thoughts and feelings, gain perspective, and move forward with clarity and mindfulness, more connected to the pulse of life and to the ground beneath our feet.

I use The Greenwood Tarot, which I have had a relationship with for almost twenty years, together with several oracle decks with deep connections to nature, to create a tarot reading that is personal to you.'s reviewof the Greenwood Tarot says that...

The Greenwood Tarot is the most desired and rarest deck for Tarot readings incorporating shamanistic symbols and meanings. Much of the symbolism incorporated in the deck pre-dates Celtic society and the tremendous social changes that would come with the ages of metal. What separates the Greenwood Tarot from most modern decks is its enchanting art and astounding ability to empower the user. Readings with the Greenwood Tarot often have a lyrical quality that enlivens the spirit and strengthens the soul.”

In my readings I seek to sit in good company with, and receive wisdom from, all beings invoked by the Greenwood Tarot, reaching right back to the reindeer who made the oldest tracks across our land and the ancestors who followed them. 

I don't believe that the cards can predict the future, nor do I feel comfortable delving into what another person is thinking or feeling, but a reading can help you to 'step outside' even the most tangled of situations, allowing you to look at your journey more peacefully and with greater clarity. You have all the answers you need but sometimes we all need a little bit of help, and a nice cup of toadstool tea to stir the pot of magic.

Some lovely words...

"I have had a few readings over the years by Jacqueline and each one has spoken to me in a profound and transformative way. Jacqueline has a unique and personable style unlike any readers I have encountered before. Her readings are earthy, relevant and compassionate and reflect her deep love and commitment to helping people. This isn't just a reading to interpret the cards. This is a magical mix of wisdom, intuition, coaching, Tarot, spirit animals, the Goddess, trees, bees, birds and flowers and everything in between…pulled together into a cohesive summary which is delivered in the most humble and unconditionally loving way you can imagine. Positive, optimistic and full of opportunity for reflection and growth, I always feel a sense of clarity and renewal after one of Jacqueline’s readings." (Gina)

"Jacqueline's reading was complex and multifaceted. I loved that she used three decks from which to draw imagery (Greenwood, the Greenman, and the Druid Animal Oracle), and showed the energy moving in the readings through two different spreads (Antlered Goddess and a mini-Imbolc reading). The reading reminded me of Jungian explanations, which travel beyond surfaces into archetypes, in their search for insight. I also liked that she did not prescribe or hint at a course of action, and was respectful of my choice of how to release or harness these energies." (Cindy)

"My reading with Jacqui has been a fantastic experience! Jacqui really has a wonderful connection with spirit which has enabled her to impart information to me in a sensitive yet powerful way. My way forward is now ensured and I feel that the universe is supporting me every step. I am so grateful for the time and energy Jacqui has spent on my reading. I look forward to the next one!" (Christina) 

"I would just like to say how well Jacqueline worded her tarot reading for me. She was very accurate. Jacqueline has a lovely and yet firm manner to put over her gift. I was very pleased with the reading and would return over and over again." (Richard)

"Thank you so so very much for your reading it has hit the spot on so many levels. Fully recommend your insight and intuitive talent." (Susan)

"She's not just 'a card reader. she is THE very best" (Christy)

How it works -

Contact me, in one of the ways detailed below, and we will talk about what you would like to explore through the tarot and what sort of reading would be helpful to you. Through drumming, singing, and requesting the presence of your guides and helpers, and mine, I connect with the cards and ask to be shown what threads are vibrating for you in the Web of Life. In this way it is possible to open up a conversation with energies and beings in all worlds and request guidance and advice for your journey. You will then receive, by email, a thoughtfully written and personal reading containing an interpretation of the cards and filled with ideas for reflection and possible action. You will also receive a photograph (or several) of your cards allowing you to make your own connections with the images. If anything in your reading seems unclear, or requires further exploration, you are welcome to contact me again. I am occasionally available for face to face readings so please ask if you would like one.

I would hope to provide most tarot readings within one week of you contacting me. If I have too many to accomplish this I will give you an idea of the timescale. However, I do try to work with my own energies in a respectful way and so readings may sometimes take longer ~ I would rather that you had a reading that was truly in the flow than force something that would feel disappointing.

Cost -

I hope that my tarot readings will provide in some way a deep act of healing and communion with all worlds for you, as part of my practice of 'hedgehealing', and so am uncomfortable with charging for them in the traditional sense. I also have no wish to align myself with a patriarchal capitalist system which defines what we are worth in terms of money, together with possibly excluding those who have little access to funds. However, I do put a lot of time, energy, and heart, into my readings and so an honourable exchange is welcome from each person who I do a reading for. As we will often be living far apart it is true that money will often be the most convenient way of making this exchange and so I invite you to consider how much your reading is worth to you and pay me accordingly. As a guide I spend at least three hours, and often more, on each reading. If you can afford very little then please don't feel that you can't have a reading; one person's £5 is another person's £500. I welcome any amount above £1, which is a symbolic movement of energy for those who truly can't afford more, but would invite you to pay what you feel is right. I trust that the flow between us will be an honourable and beautiful one.

I know that this way of doing things may make some people feel uncomfortable, not knowing what would be the 'right' amount to offer, but this is an exploration in finding a new way of doing things so I would feel very blessed if we were brave enough to explore that together.

You can contact me in a number of ways:

In the comments here, leaving your contact details.
By email at (please put Toadstool Tea Tarot reading in the subject line)
On Facebook – (or via my personal page if we are connected there)
On Twitter – Radical Honey at

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