Saturday, 23 January 2016

Today's Small Beauties

Up before dawn, which I love but so rarely do; watching the horizon turn pale pink as the sun rose, liquid-silver dew glistening on the lush green grass, the peace of moving through the world when most people were asleep ~ even Stefi cat and the baby fish refused to stir!

The silhouette of a single gull against the almost-sunrise.

My lovely taxi driver carrying my bags into the train station for me.

Hot chai on a cold train platform. I love these contrasts of temperature. Extra delicious in every sense.

Watching ethereal mist settling in little valleys and rolling across open winter fields. Just stunning. And when the sun broke through it was breathtaking.

A male pheasant standing in his most stately pose in a wide open field. I loved the outline of his beautiful shape with his long tail.

Travelling on the train through a beautifully landscape of marshland; mirror-still water with geese quietly gliding on the surface without seeming to create a ripple, and all lit by the beginnings of the sunny day.

Crossing the river at low tide; more reflections of honey-hued sunlight, the dark richness of the mudbanks, houseboats reminding me of the beauty of life on the water. And the excitement of feeling that I might see a heron, even though I didn't!

Florence and the Machine at full volume. That's what the water gave me!

The moment when Himself rang me and I heard his voice for the first time today; always the loveliest of moments.

The Crossbones vigil; many hugs, lots of congratulations and admiring of my engagement ring, much conspiring to drink tea and catch up, the full moon shining bright and high above the Shard, making a special prayer of gratitude and hope to The Goose, the sharing of strawberries, satsumas, and rum amongst us all, Ruth and Ruby's wonderful lilac candle, and two rousing singalongs to David Bowie songs. Deep friendship and beautiful community. As lovely as ever it was.

Meeting a Facebook friend's friend at the gates; again a beautiful thread of connection woven and this thread goes all the way to Australia and back!

Two gifts at the Crossbones gates; a Crossbones calendar, made by the lovely Doug, and the most beautiful, cosy, and perfectly made Blodeuwedd knitted hat from my extremely talented friend, Birgit, whose birthday it was today. It is deep red wine coloured and secret owls and leaves are woven into the design. I may wear it to bed! Thank you so much to Doug and Birgit.

Sweet rain.

Learning the word 'selenology', which means 'the scientific study of the moon'. That is from a goddess name, that is!

And Sister Moon radiant in the sky; the scars on her surface reminding me that she has seen, and understands, all my long journeys and her light reminding me to shine, shine, shine.


  1. You took me there; you made pictures in my mind with your lovely words. And its always nice to know someone else loves F&TM :-)

  2. Thank you, Sarah. What a compliment! I try to go right back into the moment when I write so it's wonderful to know that that comes across. And I do so love F&TM, although occasionally I fear that I may become too over-excited for public transport when listening to her!


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