Friday, 19 February 2016

Several Days of Small Beauties

Dreaming of owl healing.

Waking to soft grey clouds and gentle rain.

A wood pigeon and a starling seemingly in deep conversation on top of the bird feeder; no doubt discussing why their birdseed had not yet manifested!

'VoleFacts' on Twitter. Today's favourites were "The Druids believed voles had magical powers, presumably after being told so by a vole whilst under the influence of some magical mushrooms." and "Voles often cheat at Pooh-sticks." Imagine!

Next door's teenage brindle cat, Maisie, ineffectually pigeon hunting. She has no chance!

Two doves feeding peacefully side by side.

Watching sunlight move across the garden.

Going to sleep resting my head on Stefi, Queen of Cat's tail; she was determined not to relinquish control of the pillow. Also, having Stefi sleeping on my lap (a very new phenomenon) and doing one of those amazingly long stretches that cats sometimes do. I love that she is so relaxed with me now. A true compliment.

The chattering of starlings and the return of a lovely pair of jackdaws, who I hadn't seen for ages. The sheen on their feathers in the sun was astonishing in its loveliness.

Paying deep attention to the rhythm of our days and letting them unfold as they choose.

Himself's care and consideration for the birds he feeds in his garden.

Wild, bright, star-filled skies and a high moon.

The moment in the supermarket when a man looked angry and irritated but then decided to smile instead. It was touching to witness that moment of melting.

Himself buying two lots of fruit in the supermarket and insisting that I bring fruit supplies back to London.

Tender, warm, and funny goodbyes at the train station and knowing that the goodbye won't be for long.

Nigel, the guard on my train tonight. He kindly accepted me not showing him my ticket when he asked because I had just eaten a juicy orange and my fingers were too sticky to delve into my bag, he smiled at everyone, and he made a very sweet, funny, friendly, and informative announcement over the speaker. Much love for Nigel.

Soft rain like a kiss.

Finding a secondhand book that I ordered ages ago from the US had arrived when I got home...'Wise Child' by Monica Furlong. I have read the first few pages already and it is stunningly beautiful in its description of the land and the people who love it and call magic from its bones. And it was lovely coming home to a parcel.

Making brave plans and courageous changes and sharing the vulnerability that rises from both.


  1. My comments disappeared, so I will reiterate how much I enjoy these posts of yours, they always inspire me :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah. And thank you for your encouragement in this place that can sometimes feel like a void, and elsewhere x


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