Saturday, 20 February 2016

Today's Small Beauties

The magic boa of gorgeousness and twinkly purple glitter, all provided by Clare Campbell

Falling asleep to 'Wildbrain', a nature quiz from 1997 on Radio 4. I learned loads of amazing things, particularly about ramsons and horsetails. And all the contestants are referred to as 'Mr' and 'Miss' in a very R4 sort of a way. Blissful.

Having an early morning bath at just the right moment to have the sunlight beautifully lighting the water and shining on my face.

Tiny blue tits bombing across the garden in their little helter skelter flight.

An invitation to lead a workshop in beautiful Wales in the dreaming summer! Very happy, pleased to have been asked, and looking forward to what stirs in that pot.

Having an opportunity to spend a day in the lovely Forum community venue in Greenwich. It soothes me somehow just knowing that it's there.

My first proper Clare Campbell hug in ages and my first opportunity to attend one of her workshops in years. Such a blessing!

Experiencing Clare's giant magic boa for the first time; like a soft nest made out of gorgeousness.

The joy of purple glitter.

Weaving connections with sisters; some who I knew already; deepening the connection, some previously only known online, and some completely new. All lovely.

Journeying deeply with La Loba, Bone Woman, The Gatherer, and reminding ourselves how to sing over our bones.

Clare's Little Sista Goddess cards, a pack of which I have gathered up to be given to the children I work with. I hear that there is a Ferret Goddess. I might have to keep her!

The most delicious shared lunch, much of which was homemade with such deep care and love for women not yet known. It humbles me to receive what women make in our kitchen altars.

Receiving generosity, allowing vulnerability, speaking truth, witnessing.

More hugs, sweet goodbyes, and emerging from the building into soft and cooling rain.

Hearing Himself's voice for the first time in the day and hearing about his own deep journeys.

Coming home and watching the little films about the Big Love My Brother project; such important work but mainly it just made me feel so happy and warm that my toes curled up and my nose wrinkled. Bless our beautiful, brave men and boys.

A scattering of tiny crocuses on the Green in the dark; looking like a star-filled sky fallen to earth.

Discovering that the first of this year's heron chicks have hatched in Regent's Park.

Being asked by an American friend to explain what Pooh Sticks is. What a joyous task!

And an evening of doing nothing but curling up safe within the cave of my body and letting all that has unfolded today settle as it may.


  1. We should all experience the joy of purple glitter on a frequent basis. And Pooh Sticks! So many happy childhood afternoons were spent playing that. :-) Your lists always make me feel happy.

    1. I agree. More purple glitter and Pooh Sticks for all! And thank you; what greater compliment could I ever get? x

  2. What a glorious way to end a windy Sunday evening... with Pooh Sticks!

    And Big Love My Brother gave me a new insight about the real value of some kinds of tribes... thank you.

    1. I agree Liz. There should be a lot more contemplation of Pooh Sticks!

      And yes, Big Love My Brother is so inspiring. A lesson and a reminder to us all.


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