Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Today's Small Beauties

The most beautiful birdsong in the night.

Weather that sung quietly of spring to come ~ sun and rain and rain and sun.

That it was still light at 5pm. I love the feeling of the turning of the year that comes with the growing light...and the deepening dark in the autumn too.

Listening to Imbolc songs and weaving tarot readings for lovely people. Feeling deeply connected to She~Who~Is and to the threads of life...and finding that most Imbolc tarot readings seem to say 'don't get ahead of yourself!'. Wise words I think, and just what Himself said to me the other day. It is very easy to get over-excited at Imbolc!

Two beautiful affirmations about tarot readings already shared. Does my wobbly heart good.

Maybe seeing a fox out of the corner of my eye.

My lovely local folk club, which I have only visited twice but have come to love; wonderful, warm people, so supportive of one other, and such talented musicians. I was transported, moved to tears, lit up like a candle. Just wonderful. Music has the power to move the world and it is a blessing to hear it sung live with all the vulnerability and courage that that entails.

My friend Jo being wonderful as the main act tonight. I was so proud of her!

That when a song is sung into being in the air around me, in the space between, I have come to experience it as a creature newly born and moving in the room ~ this has happened ever since I started going to singing lessons and heard my own voice properly, for the first time perhaps. It is a magical feeling to know that a song is alive.

The cold, cold night air. Exhilarating!

Getting a lift home, which was both kind and snug.

Touching the vulnerability in another and staying true; when the weather is wild find the Bear Mother in the cave of your belly and wait it out with her until peace is restored, be as strong and as constant as the land. I am good at constancy. I like that in myself.

Image: Lisa Rough of  Sacred Circle Creative Life

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