Monday, 22 February 2016

Today's Small Beauties

Time for a long and lovely dreaming hot bath.

A kind bus driver making sure that a man who got on the bus in a wheelchair felt safe and looked after.

'Hips Don't Lie' by Shakira being played across the school playground.

Planting Hollyhock seeds with a small person; she swore that she could see/feel roots growing after less than five minutes! And how I 'just happened' to have Hollyhock seeds in my bag.

Worm rescuing and emergency worm first aid.

Tiny children playing 'doctors and nurses', with little stethoscopes and nurses' uniforms. Proper.

A whole class of tiny people planting seeds; it was clearly the day for it.

How the Big Love Little Sista Goddess cards that I was gifted at the weekend caused smiles, excitement, wonder, and the beginnings of never~before~spoken stories when I shared them with my clients today.

Buses coming at exactly the moment that I needed them.

The loveliest, happiest, brightest wave from a lady when I thanked her for stopping her car for me at a crossing.

Watching Nick Frost in clips from 'Cuban Fury'. Happy-making and inspiring. Love him!

And the sharing of vulnerability and the allowing of alrightness on full moon night.

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