Sunday, 21 February 2016

Today's Small Beauties

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

Thinking that it was a dark and dusky day and then having an occasional burst of sunlight shining through the window.

The glimmer of an invitation to run a workshop on grief later in the year.

Watching an Irish documentary on 'Brighid: Goddess and Saint'; wonderful to hear it all spoken in Gaelic, appreciating the invitation to pay attention that subtitles bring, loving the beautifully poetic nature of Irish thought, finding layers within layers of understanding and deep memory, and particularly loving the comment that she was, and is, 'the solar deity of the Christian hearth'.

Learning the heath blessing that women would say until very recently in Ireland when they banked the fire; "I bank down this fire as noble Christ did, Mary on top of the house, Brighid in its centre".

Beautiful Chorus, one of my favourite groups, offering a free album of herb-related songs for download. I love the generosity and joy of their spirit.

And the resplendent, joyous sound of birdsong in the dark.

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