Monday, 14 March 2016

Today's Small Beauties

Waking up feeling all snuggly.

The number of lovely bottles of bathing deliciousness that I have unearthed in my massive campaign of decluttering. Today, I had a wondrous shower with vanilla pong for company.

Remembering Tony Benn, who died 14th March 2014.

Badger Monday, a campaign against the cull on Twitter. It heartens me.

Learning that badgers helps to spread primroses, through their digging up of worms, and hugely help with the growth of difficult to propagate wild cherry trees, by eating the fruit and then leaving the stones in helpful little badger poo piles. How deeply they shape our land.

Learning that our British badgers are unusual in living in such close knit family groups. Apparently in the rest of the world they are much more solitary. Ours are truly special; independently minded island-dwelling beings, just like us. It has been a learning about badgers day.

The beautiful sunshine spring warmth of the day.

Buses coming just when I needed them and drivers being kind.

Speaking to a man who knew about vans. I like a man who knows about vans.

Small girls with shiny pony-tailed hair. There is something so sweetly hopeful and innocent about them.

Extra small children all shouting "fee fi fo fum!!!"

A lovely patch of red deadnettle and a bumblebee foraging on daisies.

The hope of a heron.

Blackthorn flowers like bright little stars.

Himself giving me a lecture on the way to fold socks, and folding in general. I love him for that.

The continuing making of brave moves towards a wiser, wilder, truer life.

Finding a tiny 200 year old Scottish Blackhouse with whitewashed walls for sale on the island of Tiree. I am making plans to move in immediately (if only!). I will send my dreaming there tonight.

Talking to a dear friend on the phone. I have a little bit of a phone phobia so that is a small victory, and it is always good to talk to a friend.


  1. Wow! For A to Z Challenge.

  2. Just finding this, peaceful and good. Badgers, sigh. I keep what I learned from a Country Living article several years ago in mind often, with a farmer's understanding of why the badgers are afflicted, which I would simplistically sum up as man's lack of understanding about interconnected and cause and effect. In our country, they are finally coming to an understanding about all that beavers so to keep things in harmony and are leaving them alone more and more. Gratitude to you for all that you share. xo

    1. Thank you so much, Lesley. How lovely to find your comment here today and yes, I agree. Often when we see a creature as a 'problem' it is just that we can't see deeply enough into the web of things. I am glad to hear that the beavers are beginning to be seen for the wonders that they are in your own land. Some have been released here and a debate raged for a while but we, and they, seem to have settled into better relationship for now ~ I hope. The badgers definitely need more work. Their presence is so important in our land. What we are doing to them is unforgivable but it will get better. I have trust in the good of things xx

  3. Hello, Jacqueline. I discovered your blog after reading Sharon Blackie's recent book, and have been particularly inspired by your belief that seeing beauty is a radical act of rebellion. Your posts of small beauties are like little boxes of jewels, honey-sweet and nourishing. Thank you. I look forward to exploring further.

    1. Thank you so much, Therese. How lovely that you found me in that way. I am still exploring Sharon's book myself and am finding much inspiration for my own journey. I am deeply touched that I have in some way inspired you. I am ever in awe of the threads and webs that we weave. I have been absent from my blog for a few months, as I have been moving house, but I am back to it now so thank you for the affirmation that that matters x


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