Saturday, 27 February 2016

Today's Small Beauties

Waking early to travel back to London, and so seeing one of those liquid gold sunrises that seems to pour wildfire across the sky and having the opportunity to give Himself a little kiss goodbye whilst he was still asleep and be answered with one of those cute little grumbly mutters that sleeping people do when they are disturbed. Very lovely and snug-like.

Early morning time with Stefi the Queen of Cats which involved biscuits, purring, and a race for the front door.

Hot chai on a cold railway station platform.

The loveliest, and most incongruous, conversation between two elderly rugby fans on the train who were discussing what they thought of 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe' (the book, not the film!) and 'Love in the Time of Cholera'. I found it all very affirming and lovely.

Travelling back to London through the early morning light across rivers and marshes; my favourite sort of landscape.

The peacefulness of sheep.

One of the small people I work with in school coming into the card shop and carrying on our conversation from a week ago almost without taking a breath. I loved how natural he was with me, and how unfazed at seeing me in a different environment.

A father bringing in his baby daughter and asking whether she could sit on the floor and draw a picture in the Mother's Day card he had just bought. I lent them some coloured pencils. And she smiled at me.

Another little girl coming into the shop and saying that she was buying a card for her brother who is one year old tomorrow and informing me that, "he is a monkey but I am Jessica." She isn't a monkey and I know that because I enquired.

Spring flowers looking beautiful and abundant on the Green.

A friend's reaction to the Little Sista Goddess cards and poem that I sent her. Hoorah!

That I have heard the sound of horses' hooves on earth twice today.

Some wondrous finds in the charity shop; including a wildly furry waistcoat and a beautiful 50s style velvet coat, which I might well wear on our wedding day. Tip top charity shop joyousness!

Writing up three tarot readings and feeling back in the swing and connected to What~Is.

Feeling proud of my friends who were able to go on the No 2 Trident march today and the lovely Annie posting a photo of someone with a knitted Jeremy Corbyn rucksack. We shall change the world through smiles and knitting!

The excitement of contemplating scary and brave life changes. So much to think about and be afraid of but, in the midst of that, so much innocence and hope.

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