Monday, 13 April 2015

Fox at Easter

'Night Fox, Night Girl' by William Yates (permission awaited)

3am. I am awake
alive to the night
that bears me into day
dawn vigil in my church of lucent walls
candles call, a bloom of flowers,
to praise the Paschal light.

And yet fear stalks me
I am woman-bound,
dare not prowl the dark,
raise my haunches to the moon
for fear of men who wait and watch
and while and wile the night.

Fox take my prayers
howl grace notes to the night
sing praise songs to the wild
of countryside and Bankside
in your certain stride you hold
my Liberty, Libera me.

4am. My senses keen
I bind my heartbeat to the witches' briar
weave protection from my fear
with thorns of green and guile
open the door, scent the air
my hunger gives me paws.

Four foxes call me out
they trail and track and pad-push
the boundaries of night
and fright, I am woman-wild
I will not be denied. I am amber-eyed.
My defiance has claws.

5am. I step into the church and howl a silent prayer.
I am fox-blessed and alive!

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