Monday, 20 March 2017

Hare-heart ~ a Poem for Spring Equinox

'Beneath Her Robes' by Kay Leverton. Find her at

How bitter sweet the snowdrops' lucent leaving
Frosted flames returning to the earth
To be held in hope as winter's cherished children
Gathered in darkling dreaming round the old year's embered hearth
As jackdaw comes with ice blue eye and silver gleaming
In winter-winged devotion to spring's rebirth

In untamed form, Melangell drums our aching
Wild lands prayer made woman, sanctified by honey and by hare
Her chapel is our ground of adoration
Our suckling hopes protected by the tresses of her hair
As her fleet-foot lambs spin the triskele to waking
And hill and valley echo to her prayer

Hare-hearted woman, devoted and defiant
One unto herself, though chased and run to ground
No hunt can halt the wildfire of the springtime
No snare bind up the sweetness where her rebel grace is found
And the outcast soul finds sanctuary in her silence
The hallowed place with which her spirit's wound

How bitter sweet the snowdrop's lucent leaving
We might close our eyes and miss their transient sea
But the seductive spell of winter's ours for breaking
Swept on a warming tide of celandine and bee
And Melangell has no time to mourn the snowdrops
Her wish, her spell, her prayer, to set us free.

(Jacqueline Durban, Spring Equinox, 20th March 2017)

Kay Leverton ~ find her at

'Safe in Her Arms' by Kay Leverton ~ find her at

All images used with permission by the artist. Thank you so much to Kay!


  1. Not doing Twitter during Lent but following Fr. Sam so I wanted to read this. Beautiful. Someday maybe I will tweet one of mine.

    1. Thank you so much, Carol! I hope that you do, and I wish you the most blessed Lent.


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