Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Talking with Drew of Everbranch about the Crossbones Graveyard

Here I am talking to Drew of the YouTube Everbranch channel about Crossbones graveyard, an unconsecrated graveyard for outcasts, mainly medieval sex workers and paupers, in the heart of Southwark very close to London Bridge. I have written very little about Crossbones here, although it is one of my most beloved sacred sites, one where I truly connect to all that I find holy; in the land, in others, and in myself. I will write more about it soon when I fine the words but, for now, this. With many thanks to Drew.

You can find out more about Crossbones and the work to remember the 15,000 people who are buried there, almost 9,000 of them children, at the new Crossbones website crossbones.org.uk.


  1. This post gave me shivers. A very intersteing read for people who look out for such places which are dumped by our society yet are so pure and serene. I will be doing a complete research about Crosbones graveyard and the people burried there.

  2. It is an absolutely amazing place. I'm so glad that you want to find out more about it. I know that it will be a blessing, both to you and to the spirits who weave their magic there x


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