Monday, 27 June 2016

Some Days of Small Beauties

The gently wonderful feeling of being home after six long days away and the first sight of Himself at the station. My heart goes pitter pat.

How Stefi, who is the most beautiful of cats, gazes at Himself all the time with such adoration on her face, even when he is asleep. There is something about cats and people with Asperger's; they just work somehow. She loves him and that is lovely to see.

A further visit from the gang of baby blue tits and the continued gangly legginess of the roof seagull babies.

The sting of a nettle ~ I honour the connection through the skin.

A happy conversation at the supermarket checkout about the loveliness of winter weddings.

Days of stunning storm clouds and rolling thunder.

How Himself works so hard to understand himself and the world through his heart connection to She~Who~Is.

Happy time cooking, adding last week's dried nettle seeds to a jar, the smell of fresh basil and making pesto, a new kilner jar for flour, the taste of fresh green beans, and scrubbing mud off beautiful carrots with my vegetable scrubbing brush. Such simple pleasures but they make me blissful.

A baby woodpecker being brought to our garden birdfeeder by his parent to be fed. How much more lovely could anything be!?

(I think) spotting oystercatchers in the low-tide mudflats of the river that my train passes over on my way back to London.

The beginnings of gold in the wheat fields that until very recently were fresh, new green.

Hearing a young girl at the Monday school I work in singing 'Hopelessly Devoted to You' from 'Grease' in the school play rehearsals. Such a stunning and confident voice! And another, even smalller, girl showing me a butterfly picture that she was colouring in. The hearts of small girls and butterflies are so deeply entwined.

That my friend's 8 year old daughter has adopted the phrase, "what a lovely young man!", which she tells me makes her think of me and which makes her giggle. And that they did meet a 'lovely young man' who offered them his umbrella in a rainstorm.

When a little autistic boy who comes to play at my friend's house allowed me to help him make a boat. It felt like an honour.

Learning about sea snakes from 'Octonauts'. And a lovely bit of 'Abney and Teal'.

Strangely getting lots of random friend requests in response to a post of mine last week that was shared hugely. Apparently most of the requests were mistakes due to the strangeness of accessing Facebook via mobile phone but they did open up several lovely conversations. I liked that.

Watching the unfolding of huge support for Jeremy Corbyn. Heartening.

And that, even in the face of such difficult times, many people are making positive acts of solidarity with those from other countries. I hope that there will be more and more acts speaking out against racism until those who have taken encouragement from the Referendum result learn that this is a country of tolerance and beautiful diversity and that they are the ones who are not welcome here. This is still our land!


  1. Beautiful. And fresh basil, oh, it is one of my favourite smells! As for the results of the referendum, as an Australian I am not greatly knowledgable about the EU and how it works, but I have heard good arguments from both sides. In the end, I think that we don't need huge political entities to achieve unity and tolerance and to be good neighbours to each other. It's time the people took power, not huge governments. As destabilising as it may be to begin with, perhaps this is a good opportunity for change. Good may yet come from it. x

    1. Oh yes, fresh basil is wonderful and there are few things that I like better than a basil leaf sandwich...I am quite odd in that way! I agree with you that we don't need huge, unwieldy bureaucratic bodies to encourage us to get on and good may come of the EU vote eventually but many people who voted to come out of the EU now say that they regret it and used the vote as a protest against our Government, which makes no sense but when people feel trapped they will lash out in any way they can. And it has also led to a huge rise in racism in this country. I have been shocked by the things I have witnessed and, compared to many, I have seen very little. In addition many of the areas that voted to leave the EU were kept afloat by EU money, which they will now lose. Nevertheless I hope for the best. Good comes from everything x


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