Friday, 22 January 2016

Three Days of Small Beauties

Clear blue skies, sunshine, and wildly optimistic birdsong melting into a pink misty haze as sunset approached.

An afternoon spent mainly playing football with small boys and moving across the pitch with the sun so that I could turn my face and feel the warmth. Beautiful to follow the light.

The smallest boy playing football with another one twice his size and reminding me of a feisty little robin. He wasn't giving up!

A profusion of tiny rosehips tumbling over a garden fence.

A kind man working at the station who let me through the barriers even though they were closed and saved me from missing my train.

Loving arms and a soft and tickly beard.

Orion, the Winter King, shining in the sky directly below the beautiful almost~full moon.

Watching every episode of 'Spaced' with Himself and loving every moment. Generally having a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost lovefest.

All the new baby fish settling down for the night. I didn't realise that fish slept until recently but they all cuddle up together in the corner of the tank and become deeply zen.

Our Yule wreath of pine and rosehips hanging from the garden cherry tree; a reminder of the sweetest of times every time I look outside.

Seeing the silhouettes of people walking their dog in the sunshine right on top of the chalk hills and imagining how it must feel to be up there so close to the sky.

Stefi, Queen of Cats, purring on my lap.

Looking out of the window to see that the sea mist had rolled in casting an otherworldly light over the hilltop; we watched it change from turtle dove~ silver, to pale saffron, to violet.

That wonderful artist, Jaine Rose has created a 'small beauties journal' inspired by these posts. Lovely to see the small beauties magic spreading. You can see it here.

Night walking ~ the sweet feeling of the cold night air, Himself teaching me how to protect my night vision from the glare of car headlights, and he always walks on the outside of the pavement like a proper old-fashioned gentleman.

The taste of Lapsang Souchong tea; like winter firesmoke.

And opening the front door to see the even~more~almost~full moon shining directly along the garden path turning it silver.


  1. So much beauty! And I have learned something new - despite having fish for a while myself, I never realised they slept. :-)

    1. Thank you. There always is so much beauty to be found. Fish sleep is wonderful. Some of them sink down to the bottom of the tank and settle down on the gravel like a little nest and others just go very still and hang in the water. Our baby fish are extremely wriggly and responsive to movement in the room so it really notices when they are in their night-trance. I become peaceful too just watching them.

    2. That's adorable! :) I'm happy for you that so many lovely things are happening in your life. :D

    3. Thank you. Good times. I hope that life is sweet for you too x


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