Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Today's Small Beauties

Just the right amount of hot water to indulgently fill the bath right to the edge. Bliss.

The dark shape of a prowling cat in next door but one's garden.

Wearing my blue silk skirt, only recently unearthed from the depths of my wardrobe after several years in obscurity.

A day of abundance in the Old Ladies' Card Shop and a visitation from a beautifully butterfly-eared Yorkshire Terrier.

Helping a lady in the shop find just the right box to put a lovely necklace in which she had bought as a present for her daughter as it would "look lovely over her hijab". It will too!

Falling newly in love with Himself every day.

Lovely buzziness and excitement on my tarot page and loving the honouring of dark and new moon there.

Maybe-four new requests for readings; feeling held by Life and in the flow of good things.

Catching sight of a fox!

Another wonderful evening at Blackheath folk club; listening to the most joyous and real music and feeing brave enough to sing my sea witch song and read a poem. Everyone was so respectful of and sweet to my wobbly self and one of the women said that she needed a drink afterwards. I took that as a compliment!

Thank you to Ian Ripsher for the piccy

How present International Women's Day has been today. It was wonderful that so many women performed at the folk club tonight in its honour, and how many men deliberately sang songs written by women too. Beautiful creative togetherness and solidarity.

Hearing my friend, Jo's stunning song about the moon.

Being complimented on a line in my poem about 'iridescent lunacy' by a fabulous songwriter.

A wonderful and much needed offer of help and friendship.

Winning a prize in the folk club raffle. Abundance!

Finding that the folk club pub sells Fentiman's Ginger Beer; not only delicious but it also reminds me of a lovely client I worked with at the hospice. When she was close to dying Fentiman's Ginger Beer became her greatest, and almost only, pleasure. She would pour it slowly into a glass and then watch it for ages; the colour, the way the bubbles moved, the sheen of cold on the outside of the glass, the anticipation of drinking it, and then finally the joy of the taste and the coolness in her throat. Sometimes she saved some for me and we would share it; an honour. It was lovely to think of her today.

Discovering that one of the pubs 'award-winning pies' is called The Green Goddess.

Feeling that Himself is proud of me and feeling very proud of myself.

And coming home to find Tom Robinson's song 'Right On Sister' shared with me by my friend Sal. Dancing around the living room is a wonderful way to end the day. Thank you, Sal!


  1. Iridescent lunacy - What a wonderful phrase! :-) Also, there's something so wildly magical about "sea witch" too, isn't there? Congratulations on your singing and reading. Very brave, very fabulous.

    1. Yes, I was pleased with that phrase. It just keeps unfolding. And thank you. It felt good to be brave for women and sea witches :)


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