Monday, 7 March 2016

Today's Small Beauties

Being made a lovely sweet chai to start the day. And many hugs.

A bright blue sky and the perfect weather for wearing a winter coat, sunglasses, and a woolly hat all at once!

Setting off for London with lovely goodbyes from Himself, Stefi Queen of Cats, and Maisie, the next door cat. Proper.

Being remembered by my taxi driver who used to live near me in Greenwich.

Bright sun lighting the silver sea.

The perfect curve of a green hill against the perfect sky.

River boats in the sunshine.

Spotting a blackened plaque on a bridge which informed me that Abbey Road DLR station is built on the site of a Cistercian Abbey; St Mary's. Sad that it isn't still there but I welcomed the opportunity to acknowledge the presence of the sacred beneath the everyday.

A whole hour to spend in a coffee shop doing not much at all.

Two lots of lovely feedback about my tarot readings. Feeling very blessed by that deep connection with other souls.

A sweet few moments watching the bright bobbingness of a Pied Wagtail on a fence post. What lovely cheery birds they truly are.

Alder catkins shining red in the sun.

Seeing a heron in flight over Thamesmead.

A sprinkling of Blackthorn flowers like tiny stars along the roadside.

Much abundance, after several days of worry; feeling the beautiful flow between us all.
The sweetest and most unexpected of gifts.

That Will's funeral was two years ago today; acknowledging the amazing movement of time, thankful for the help and support of many friends, especially Shoshana and Jennifer, and feeling moved that his sweet body has rested for so long in the sacred land. I like to think of him dreaming there and I know that those of us who shared his day did it right. It isn't a sad feeling. I feel nothing but gratitude and love for the power of the land to hold us. Healing in all worlds.

Will in his sacred land, 24th July 2011

And looking excitedly forward to the next few weeks when much will change and shift. Life is good!

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