Saturday, 23 September 2017

A Morning Walk in Autumn Woods

(Image: Jacqueline Durban)

This mist is like angel's breath.
I hunt the fly agaric like a fox
seeking red, the secret fire.
The trees are all aflame and burn themselves to bare,
draw their magic down, burnt toffee for the boar,
hearth-root honey for the sow,
who winds the year to still with cloven hoof and song of briar.

I keep my belly low and snuffle-seek the chanterelle
I wise-woman-walk the web and weave of mycelia
find waxcaps; scarlet, butter, honey, crimson,
King Alfred's cakes to light the inner fire.
I pad-paw the paths of a thousand years,
trust my nose, the knowing of my feet,
sniff out the place where two roads meet,
set sail for longer nights, and shorter days made diamond bright
by frost and fear.

Jacqueline Durban, Autumn Equinox 2013

(first published in 'Earth Pathways Diary')

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