Thursday, 8 June 2017

This is Still OUR Land ~ for Election Day and every day

(Denton, Kent, 4th June 2017)

This is Still Our Land

This is still our land
and your arrogance won’t break her.
Her trees grow green and wild
and your power games will not make her
into a barren land where life is not for living,
into a well of souls with eyes staring, unforgiving.
Our ancestors have sung this land
and she has her own spirit.
Other songs have joined with hers,
her boundaries have no limit.
Tolerance is in her blood and sings in her blue rivers
Suspicion has no home in her so don’t try to begin it.

Her serpent currents run,
despite your machinations
Her dragon lines flow on,
have no room for your intentions
And those of us who love her can feel her deep heart beating
We’ll sing her on with open hearts, our voices raised in greeting.
Her warrior soul protects us all,
does not seek to turn on others
Our mother land embraces all,
Joy and freedom are our lovers
And when you think you’ve had your way
and our hearts are torn and burning
We’ll shout with voices of true power
Our land is not for turning!

(Jacqueline Durban, Election Day, 5th May 2005 and again and again and again)

(Southwark, July 2016)


  1. I enjoyed reading the words and the love of land is really inspiring. Your words have power and deep meaning in them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! What lovely words to read. I am so grateful.


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